Band practice in Trondheim 

Just came home from the second day of band practice with Ola and Kyrre! We're preparing for the gig at the PSTEREO festival here in Trondheim tomorrow. We're very excited about playing together again. This time we have been able to work more focused on developing our sound. Think we've been able to give each song more of an identity and I have a feeling that we are taking step or two in the right direction. I really hope so at least! Ola and Kyrre are two wonderful musicians and I am so very grateful to be able to work with them!

We're playing tomorrow at PSTEREO at 5pm. I'll also play a solo set at Vår Frues kirke at 8 pm! I sure can have the cake and eat it too...Hope to see you!


The Öya festival in Oslo is soon over. I was lucky enough to play at the club day on tuesday, before I had to return to wonderful copenhagen. Playing with Ola and Kyrre at Gamla was a lot of fun. Think we had a good energy on stage and there was something looking like a crowd as well! After the gig we went to John Dee to see the Crystal Stilts. They put on a quite good show i think! The night ended at Internationalen with friends. Nice! And that was my Öya festival, really. Had to go back to Copenhagen on wednesday. Work work! Next week is Pstereo in Trondheim! Hope to see you there!

By the way: You can read the Stina Stjern interview at Nö Music here. Enjoy!

New stuff! 

Using my summer days inside a dirty rehearsal room on Refshalen to write some new Stina Stjern stuff. I'm also busy writing music for my upcoming dance performance called "LITTLE SISTER". It's a contemporary dance performance where the music will be played by an orchestra containing of 12 kids plying the violin and some other stuff. I've had to learn how to play the violin too, the last couple of months. A lot of fun for me, but maybe not too much fun for my rehearsal neighbors!

My Horizons 

I've had a great summer so far. Was lucky enough to get 5 days off! Spent them at my Family's summer house at Kiran in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. I really needed some time to knit, read and do summer stuff. Here are a few Horizons for you guys to enjoy. (Imagine some fresh air and the wind in you hair to go with it.)

Stina Stjern goes autoerotic at Overgaden 

I played å small set at Overgaden yesterday. Overgaden has for more than two decades been among the leading non-profit exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Copenhagen. My small performance and a seminar called Beautiful Objects in Photography was connected to an exhibition called "LYST" (Lust). Both Sara Katrine Thiesen and Paul Sepuya spoke about why photography is the medium most often used to reflect on subjects like gender, identity and body. They both gave a very inspiring lecture about this matter and their own work. Last chance to see "LYST" is this weekend!

Here is a small sample of my performance:

Live in Twin Peaks 

We've been playing Råttistock, Skage and Rollaugsbistro, Namsos. Both shows went well, but especially the last one was very much like playing live in Twin Peaks ( just without the red velvet). Feel very much ready for øya and Pstereo. Here are some pics:

My Stina Stjern Summer 

I'm now in a small Norwegian town called Moi. Here I'm working with young musicians and improvised music for a big show today. Anita will arrive later tonight, and we'll start preparing for the duo show here on Saturday. Since we've done both Stina Stjern songs and Bladed songs as a duo, we thought: "Why don't we mix both acts?". And so we will!

So, these are the Stina Stjern shows this summer. You and all of your friends are so very welcome:

13.06.09: Moi, Norway @ Moi w/Bladed

04.07.09: København, Denmark @ Café Svejk w/Bladed

17.07.09: Skage, Norway @ Råttiståkk w/Kyrre & Ola

18.07.09: Namsos, Norway @ Rollaugsplass w/ Kyrre & ola

11.08.09: Oslo, Norway @ Gamla, Klubb øya w/ Kyrre & Ola

21.08.09: Trondheim, Norway @ Pstereo w/ Kyrre & Ola

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