Trondheim Calling

Stina Stjern will be playing at Trondheim Calling, January 2013!! Home sweet Trondheim, new Stina Stjern songs and other good acts! Something to look forward to when days are getting colder and  darker!

Other bands on Trondheim Calling are: Skur (Punk),Barren Womb (Hardcore),Woodland (Deltablues),Ine Hoem (Pop), Kari Harneshaug (Rock),Døden (Hardcore),Capillary (Metal),
Ósk (Indiepop), VHS Dream (Rock), Sun In Sound (Rock), folkE (Electronika), Ole Torjus (Electronika), Valverde (Akkustisk pop), Emilie Nicolas Kongshavn (Pop), Brita Hansen (Pop),
Forræderi (Grindcore), Essay (Hiphop), Dekstra Large (Hiphop),The Airborne Highfives (Rock)

You can listen to all the bands here

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